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    Change Network location from Public to Private in Windows 8

    January 12, 2013 - Author: admin

    I made the leap to Windows 8 a couple of months ago and for the most part I love it (even without a touch screen and in fact probably because I don’t have a touch screen). Anyhow, everything works great except for a few minor things here and there and one of those problems was I could no longer get my shared printers on our corporate LAN to work any longer. Come to find out with some searching it is because the network location for my LAN was set to PUBLIC and not PRIVATE.  (more…)

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    Clipping Masks And Type – Placing An Image In Text With Photoshop

    - Author: admin

    Written by Steve Patterson.

    In a previous tutorial, we learned the basics and essentials of using clipping masks in Photoshop to hide unwanted parts of a layer from view in our designs and documents. We learned that clipping masks use the content and transparent areas of the bottom layer to determine which parts of the layer above it remain visible, and as a real world example, we used a clipping mask to place one image into a photo frame that was inside a second image.  (more…)

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